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Hair Regrowth Laser Comb Micro Current for Hair Loss Alopecia Scalp Massage Remove Dandruff Thinning Hair Health Repair Growth

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 3 in 1 Laser Hair Boom Comb IH-3326 is a hair and scalp remedy instrument that stimulates the scalp with low laser of 650nm wavelength and low frequency electrical energy to support the user velocity up providing food to the follicle by means of activating blood circulation and metabolism.
      Most critical is low stage laser could make the atrophied follicle get power and get stability of biologic power. The metabolism is standard and it can deliver food to the scalp for the hair boom.
      The  low  level  laser  helps the consumer promote  the circulation  of  blood  and  provide  enough  nutrition  to  the  scalp  without  damage  which  leads  rapid  hair  growth  by expanding  the  circulation  process  of   follicle  of  Anagen( Active  growth  phase  of  hair  follicle)   Catagen( Short  transition  stage  that happens  at  the  end  of  the  anagen  phase)  Telogen( Resting  phase  of  the  hair  follicle. In  this  phase, the  hair  follicle  is  completely  at  rest  and  the  club  hair  is  completely  formed).

      It can alter oil secretion, promote hair fitness, improve hair best.